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·Bevel Gear
·Universal Joint
·Brake Lining
·Trailer Axle
·Wheel Bolt & Nut
·Brake Camshaft
·Brake Hub
·Brake Spider
·Equalizer Hanger
·Axle Beam
·Manual Slack Adjuster
·Automatic Slack Adjuster
·Leaf Spring
·Drop Spindle
·Brake Hub
·Brake Drum
·Straight Spindle
·Air Brake Chamber
·Air Brake Chamber
Air Brake Chamber
1. SAE certification   (We are the only one factory that passed the SAE certification in China.)
2. Cold rolled steel sheet   (Usually using Hot rolled steel sheet in China)
3. Thickness: 3.0mm    (Usually 2.70mm in thickness)
4. Coil spring diameter: 13.50 cm
5. Stroke rod : 30# steel     (Usually using A3 steel in China)
6. OEM for manufactures in China and  OEM for export market 
7. Certificate:  ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949

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